Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

One of the principle objectives of the Institute for Public-Private Partnership is the transfer of knowledge and best practices in the field of public-private partnerships that the team has acquired abroad, and its implementation into Slovenian environment. Our initial enthusiasm has not wavered; on the contrary, it grows and blossoms as the increasing need for knowledge exchange between research institutes and economy is becoming more and more evident. During the time of strenuous economic and financial situation, the public sector experienced severe austerity measures in the field of education, while the repercussions of this policy were also felt in field of public-private partnerships. Therefore, the Institute for Public-Private Partnership devotes much attention and energy to educational activities.

Research institutions used to be regarded as sources of innovative concepts and ideas, while the economy represented a natural path for these ideas to develop and enter into practice. However, in the past decade, their roles changed significantly. It became obvious that research institutions must be more active and integrated in their relationship with the economy if they are to boost the usability of their research results. For this reason, also the EU has developed an initiative for a closer cooperation between the two, where mutually beneficial knowledge transfer arrangements are established. Institute for Public-Private Partnership follows these principles.

The transfer of knowledge is the key element of our operations: it offers a direct contact with issues emerging in practice, while allowing us to t present our research work to the general public. This enhances our key advantage arising from bridging the theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and enables us to offer rapid response to our clients’ issues.

Our goal is to conform to the criteria of the Centre of Excellence in the fields of public procurement, concessions, and public-private partnerships, among which we included the following:

  • Bringing together accomplished, talented and creative scientists who are committed to promoting excellence in research via interdisciplinary studies
  • Promoting furthering of multidisciplinary collaborative studies that target greater achievements and implementing the principles of project management
  • Offering a simulative environment to promote research and academic activities of our team
  • Following the developments in the field of public procurement, concessions, and public-private partnerships in Slovenia, the region, and the EU
  • Implementing research projects, analyses, and studies
  • Analysing best practices at home and abroad
  • Publication of scientific articles, books, and publications
  • Providing active participation in professional and scientific conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as organising such events

Our constantly upgraded knowledge is valuable and can be effectively used in practice. We offer classical ex-cathedra courses upon request; however, we do prefer custom-made education. We prepare the programme in cooperation with our clients covering all areas of our work: public-private partnerships, public procurement, organisation development, services of general economic and non-economic interest, calls for tenders, project management, economic studies, conclusion of different types of commercial contracts, project financing, and other related areas. The programme is designed for smaller groups and conducted by our experts with good theoretical background and experience in practice, which enables us to meet our clients’ expectations.

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