Clients with a broad range of legal issues turn to us.

Particularly, the conclusion of contracts and contract management are our field of expertise. In order to successfully execute the public-private partnership, the conclusion of the contract and contract management are crucial. Contracts must be concluded according to the provisions laid down by the relevant legislation and in such a way that the requirements and obligations of both parties are clearly determined. In public-private partnerships, the allocation of risks is one of the most important features in the contract. Risks have to be properly allocated between both parties. Contract management continues throughout the lifecycle of a contract and enables both parties to the contract to meet their obligations. It also involves building a good relationship between both parties. We offer outstanding support in conclusion of the contract procedure and contract management.

On daily basis, we handle issues regarding commercial law (business creation and reorganisation, preparation of internal policies, etc.), the law of obligations (draw-up, review or interpretation of contracts, preparation and/or participation in negotiations, exercise of rights and obligations arising from contracts, etc.), labour law (employment rights, draw-up of employment contracts, optimisation of work, work hours and payment within companies, as well as revising employment and management agreements, etc.), protection of personal data, and public information, to name but a few areas of our expertise that we have specialised in at the request of our clients.

Our excellent team of experts covers all of the above due to extensive experience in the field of law. We operate in several languages, namely: Slovene, English, German, Croatian, and Serbian. In areas that fall outside our priorities, we cooperate with numerous highly skilled external colleagues, so it would certainly be a challenge to present us with an issue we cannot solve. Our expert network continues to grow as we strive to find the right answers to your legal dilemmas.

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